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Manage your own veterinary clinic and ease your daily work


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Doctor Vet is software that has been designed to manage a veterinary clinic, making the job much easier with loads of tools that let you manage everything from medical histories to inventory.

Doctor Vet includes a module for you to enter and search for clients or pets; a medical history form to register all the details for each pet, their vaccines, lab tests and even a picture; a movements registry; advances search engine for clients, pets and providers that shows sales, purchases, delinquent accounts and payments due, among other information that helps you manage your finances.

Plus, this program comes with an agenda for you to manage your planned tasks, its own messaging service, and an encyclopedia with the most important infectious diseases that affect animals.

The Doctor Vet system can also carry out tasks automatically; all you have to do is configure the functions which can be set on or off to make your work faster and easier, they include:

-Sending emails to clients whose vaccines are about to expire, who are running low on food, or who owe payments, as well as birthday alerts for their pets.
-Print lists of vaccine reinforcement when necessary, as well as task summaries of services rendered.
-Profile clients to determine the appropriate action for each case.

Trial version works for 70 accesses.

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